Senegal Thick-knee Burhinus senegalensis recoveries

This page shows birds either ringed by Kartong Bird Observatory and recovered elsewhere, or ringed elsewhere and re-captured or re-sighted in the Kartong Bird Observatory recording area. Click on a ring number to see recovery details for that bird and a map of its known movements.

There are currently 3 records for 3 different individuals.

Ring number Activity Date Location



Ringed 28 Nov 2016 Kartong (Lemonfish scrub)
Colour marks read 21 Jan 2018 Kartong (Quarry wetlands)


Ringed 10 Nov 2010 Kartong (Folonko)
Metal ring read 13 Oct 2017 Kartong (Observatory)


Ringed 07 Mar 2011 Kartong (Observatory)
Metal ring read 31 Oct 2015 Kartong (Observatory)

Map of recoveries

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This map shows all the ringing and recovery locations of  this species reported at Kartong.